Friday 2 December 2022
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British Parliament Passed A Resolution To Make The National Lottery Legitimate

Gambling is part and parcel of British culture; in 1694, the British parliament passed a resolution to make the national lottery legitimate. The Gambling Act of 2005 nullified all previous outdated laws and bought all forms of wagering, including digital one under one umbrella. With the essence of the European Union pro-liberal gambling standpoint, the UK legislative thrived on supporting and regulating the gambling industry. It was a conscious effort to minimize fraudulent and criminal activities in the gambling sector. Under this law, all operates willing to offer service and to advertise in Great Britain must hold a valid license issued by the UK Gambling Commission.

UKGC regulates, scrutinize all gambling activities within the territory of Great Britain

The same law allows every British citizen above eighteen to participate in land-based and online casinos to play varied types of games such as roulette, bingo, slot, poker, sports betting and lottery. In addition, any individual or institution can organize gambling activity for philanthropic or profit intention. The most recent development in British gambling law is the Gambling (Licensing and Advertising) Law, 2014. This legislation proposes every offshore gambling entity must obtain a license from the UKGC to provide wagering service to Brit citizens. Prior to this law, casino operators registered outside the dominion of the UK were not obliged to acquire a license from UKGC. This act is enforced to regulate the endpoint (consumer) rather than controlling the supply chain. 

The UK Gambling Commission was initiated under the Gambling Act 2015 as an autonomous public body funded by the UK Department of Culture, Media and Sport. This self-governing body regulates, scrutinize all gambling activities within the territory of Great Britain. This body supervises all aspects of gambling, including arcades, wagering, bingo, lotteries, casinos, gaming machines, gaming software, and all breeds of remote gaming facilities. The only kind of betting not within the jurisdiction is speed betting which the Financial Conduct Authority regulates.

Whether you log onto mega888 online casino or visit a brick and mortar one, every gambling service provider in Britain is regulated and licensed by the UKGC. It is mandatory for the licensed casino to display the certificate issued by UKGC on the website or the premises. So if you are seeking a legitimate and trustworthy online casino, looks for the credential issued by UKGC. When you click on the logo of the certificate, it redirects you to the official website of UKGC, where the present status and details of the license is shown. Apart from the certificate, look for the SSl protocol displayed as a padlock in the URL bar.