Saturday 9 December 2023
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How to avoid dodgy online slot sites and scams

Their convenience, variety of games, and big payouts exciting forms of entertainment for millions of people as with any industry, the online slot world shadier side too. Rogue operators looking to take advantage of players are a reality.  The first thing to investigate about any online slot site is whether it holds a valid license from a respected regulatory body. Licensing and oversight is how reputable sites demonstrate they operate above the board. 

Sites must comply with a range of standards on safety, fairness, social responsibility, and more to gain a license. Checking for the UKGC logo is therefore a good first step. For other locations, bodies like the Malta Gaming Authority, the Gibraltar Regulatory Authority, and others fulfill the same purpose. Avoid any site that does not display a license from a reputable regulator for its area.

Read player reviews

Regulatory oversight aims to enforce standards, but that does not make all licensed sites equal. Looking at genuine player reviews insight into how well a site adheres to principles of safety and fairness. Look out for any pattern of complaints around issues like sites refusing withdrawals, game glitches, unavailable customer service, and so on. While no site is perfect, be wary of those with overwhelmingly negative feedback for this website is very useful for people

Research the operator

While rogue sites often use anonymity to cover their tracks, researching who operates a slot site helps identify legitimate brands versus potential scammers. Most reputable sites are run by established gaming companies with a track record you examine. Run a quick check on the names behind the site. Do they have a business listing, website, social media profiles, press coverage, or other signs of a real company? Avoid sites operated by unnamed or fake entities.

Try demo mode first 

Before you deposit any money, check if the site offers demo or practice modes for its slots. Reputable sites focused on customer experience often provide this, to allow playing games for free to get a feel for them.  Firstly, how many games have this feature? A limited number may reflect technical issues or a lack of care for user experience. Secondly, do the demo games function properly or suffer glitches? Technical problems in free play often extend to real money modes too.

Check banking and security 

Any site you entrust money to should provide a secure banking environment and strong safety measures. Here are key points to verify:

  1. Encrypted connections – Look for https and the padlock icon in the address bar
  2. Limited personal details required to sign up 
  3. Strong passwords insisted on
  4. Proper procedures to verify ID documents
  5. Variety of mainstream payment options – credit cards, e-wallets, etc. 
  6. Clear explanation of deposit/withdrawal processes and timeframes

Always exercise caution with new sites

All long-running slot brands had to start somewhere. However, brand-new sites are riskier. Rogues set up scam sites quickly, often with stolen game libraries, to profit before getting shut down. They rely on luring in players with flashy graphics and offers with deposits. For new sites, be extra thorough in checking licenses, operators, game functionality, and banking.  Avoid new “big name” luxury or VIP-themed sites – common covers for scams.