Monday 6 February 2023
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Is it possible to cheat a bookmaker?

The answer to this question is simple: you can’t cheat a bookmaker, and besides, it’s illegal. You can outplay him, try to find out wrong odds and profitable bets (e.g. on unsportsmanlike events such as presidential elections ). In other words, if you think the answer to how to win at betting is cheating the bookmaker – you are wrong.

Bets and fixed matches

Certainty has nothing to do with cheating a bookmaker, while fixed matches – a crime under the penal code – are the essence of cheating. Bankers are a category of bets where the outcome can be predicted with certainty, as the name suggests. 

Arranging matches happens everywhere, of course it is a crime within the meaning of the law and a crime against the idea of   sports behavior. The scandal of fixing matches in football also swept across Poland. Let’s hope that one of its consequences is to get rid of dishonest people from the world of sport. 

Certainty, on the other hand, is an opportunity for players. But they should also be approached with caution. If you see highly profitable sports betting and in your opinion have a high probability, think twice about betting on matches in this category. Perhaps the bookmaker knows something you don’t know?

Is the bookmaker cheating?

An illegal, shady bookmaker can cheat; you are breaking the law by placing bets with him, and if you do not get the winnings you deserve, no one will help you. On the other hand, a legal bookmaker does not cheat. He offers sports betting, you know exactly what their conditions are and consciously, as an adult, you accept them.

Of course, the bookmaker does not disclose information on the basis of which, for example, it calculates the odds. Maybe he knows something the players don’t. The course may seem absurd to you, it may be an obvious certainty, but you lose anyway. 

Maybe the bookmaker knew that the main player of a given team has problems in his private life or has been partying too much lately, ruining his condition? Or maybe just the opposite – the bookmaker adjusts the odds in such a way as to tempt loyal fans of the Polish national team with its offer? After all, in business, if not forbidden, all tricks are allowed.

Sports betting – how to make money on them?

Summarizing the issue of “sports betting: how to play to win”, we would like to remind you of a few rules that appeared in the text.

  • First , you are only interested in legal sports betting. 
  • Secondly , the ability to calculate probabilities and a thorough analysis of sports results and coaching strategies are essential. 
  • Third , find your specialization and preferably in some niche league of a little popular sport. 
  • Fourth , use your mind, not your heart, if you want to count the profits by betting. It is also important to know the bookmakers’ offers, odds and bonuses. 
  • Fifth – and last : use common sense and restraint. Lack of caution, riskiness, and relying on intuition instead of sticking to hard data are a sure path to failure. 

Betting tips, i.e. match predictions

Betting tips is a complicated topic. Basically, these are instructions on how to bet matches and win. You can formulate them yourself, you can search on the Internet, they can be free or paid. Both should be approached carefully. It is known that every player, including tipsters, thinks “betting, how to win?”. Therefore, the internet suggestions should be approached with a certain degree of skepticism. 

Before you decide to take the advice of an online tipster, do some research and browse through the betting forums. 

Betting tips can be very helpful, but they make sense for those who are primarily concerned with how to win on betting in the short term. For people planning long-term strategies to effectively bet on matches, it will be better to develop your own system.