Friday 22 January 2021
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Looking for the Best Sports Betting Sites

Due to the presence of two sites with almost the same content and absolutely identical design, often one of the sports betting portals is called new and the other old. Access to the site is always there. National bettors have the right to play on this site, it is absolutely legal, taxes are levied on winnings (13%).

Mirror Marathon

The Mirror Marathon is relevant for the unlicensed version of 시티 도메인 marathonbet com in the National Federation. There are many options to get to the site. Usually, users immediately go to the search engine and search there. There are links to individual pages that are not blocked in the National Federation, as well as to thematic sites. You can find a “mirror” in “Google”, “Yandex”, another search engine. But there are more effective ways to quickly access the site. First of all, there is a completely legal way download the mobile application on Android or iOS. Mobile applications are usually not blocked and work regardless of the site.

In addition to contacting support, the bookmaker offers to download the Mirror program directly on his website. You can go to the site temporarily through anonymizer or VPN to download and install the program. Logging in for the game in this way is risky, because if you suddenly use an IP that is blacklisted by the office, this is fraught with a ban on your account. sports betting offers other ways to access the resource: browser extensions, special VPNs, client software, etc.

Mirror of the new Marathonbet 2019 website

The “Mirror”, which is relevant today, differs from an outdated address only. Since the regulatory authorities monitor and block not only the official sites of banned bookmakers, but also “mirrors”, sooner or later they will be blocked. The bookmaker creates a new site at a different address, which works before it is found. The new “mirror” is completely identical to the old and official website.

The new site of sports betting “Marathon” is called the official resource of the legal version of the brand, which is located on the domain “com”. An alternative entry for the new Marathonbet site is not required, because unlike the old, offshore version, it works officially and completely legally in the National Federation. National bettors are recommended to play on this site, because, firstly, it is always available, there is no need to look for “mirrors”, and secondly, in case of contentious situations there are more opportunities to achieve the truth than in the illegal version.

Alternative way out: is there always a working mirror?

The term “life” of the “mirror” of bookmakers is short. The life of copies of the Marafonbet sports betting resource is usually transient. This is due to the great popularity of the office and the close attention to it from the regulatory authorities. The bookmaker constantly generates new links, so the current link often changes. Users are constantly forced to look for a working link to an offshore version site.


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