Saturday 8 May 2021
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Smart Details for the Perfect Poker Match for You: The Best You Can Get

If you bet at least 20 euros on the turn you could have won, especially with an opponent with a medium pair or a weak 10. You’re showing a strong hand and you’re doing it legitimately, and a bet of this kind on the turn would lead to a stronger bet on the river.

  • Your opponent could fold if he had a mediocre hand and you made a fairly convincing second bet.
  • Please note: we speak to the conditional, not sure that your opponent folds. It is indeed possible that you are trapping slow-playing a set, and therefore could evaluate a check-raise on the turn.
  • But even in this scenario it is very easy to understand what needs to be done: in case of check-raise it is enough to fold, since you would not have the necessary pot odds to face a heavy raise only with a gutshot.

Mathematically, a bet of 20 euros on the turn will bring profit in 38% of cases. And if your opponent decides to call, you would still have outs to hope for on the river.

When to shoot the second bullet

Not all situations are the same in poker, and sometimes the second bullet is not advisable. We will then list the most important factors that can help decide when to bet.

Obviously we only consider cases in which it was you to raise pre-flop, to bet flop and to have a weak hand (no pair, no strong project, and no showdown value). Opting for poker online is a good choice there.

In heads-up on the turn

In this case, the bet is practically mandatory. Unless you have more than one opponent on the turn, then don’t fire the second bullet.

With a call followed by other calls on the flop, your opponents will have demonstrated sufficient strength to keep you from bluffing. So the advice is to give up the blow.

A turn that improves your range

It is not necessarily mandatory to shoot the bullet, but it is still a good idea if your range improves after the turn.

As the pre-flop raise, your opponents expect you to have high cards. So a high card on the turn would improve and not just your hand, at least in the eyes of your opponents.

Aces and kings are perfect as turn cards to go for a second bet, but jacks and queens can be more than valid alternatives.

A bad turnaround for your opponent’s range

To make a second barrel work, the turn card should also be negative for your opponent. You want your opponent not to be in a comfortable position on the turn, so you don’t invest more money.

  • That’s why the overcards on the turn are perfect to continue in the bluff. Whichever pair your opponent has, it wouldn’t be so good in such a case. The top pair would become the second pair, the second would become the third, and so on.
  • Possible and possible stairs or colors can give great chances to shoot the second bullet.

Certainly your opponent could really have that scale or color design that you tend to represent. But if we consider an opponent not comfortable with such a dangerous board, the timing for the turn bet could be perfect.

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