Saturday 26 September 2020
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Are your rummy skills well brushed up? See Here!

Are you a regular online rummy player and have the right rummy skills? At least a lover of the game? If yes, do you know how many cards are dealt to each player in this game? Is there a draw end to this game?

Which Rummy version supports the ‘drop’ option? How does a joker card work after being discarded by an opponent? How many jokers are there in a single-deck Rummy?

What do the term baiting, show, and rake mean in this game? What does the state “floating” refer to? Let us clear all these doubts and more, so you know how to play well and earn money through this online Rummy game.

If you knew the answers and uttered it out loud while reading the questions, well, you are most definitely a lover of the game! If not, these are the most essential and basic things you must know before you try your hand in the game.

For those of you who are already staking your money into it. Pause. Take a minute and read this article to know the very basics before you jump right in!

What Should You Know About The Game?

  • Each player is dealt 13 cards at a time in Indian Rummy.
  • A tie/draw is not possible in Indian Rummy.
  • There are three types of Rummy: 1. Deals Rummy; 2. Points Rummy; 3. Pool Rummy. The ‘Drop’ option is supported in Pool and Points Rummy.
  • In a single-deck, one printed joker card is in the game, and a joker does not need to be in a declaration. Any player cannot pick a joker card present at the table after an opponent has discarded it.
  • The word ‘baiting’ means to plan your moves in a way that the opponent can be trapped into discarding the cards you want. Usually, this is done by making them believe that you’re looking for a specific card, while in reality, you are looking for something entirely different.
  • The ‘show’ is to declare the game after one of the players has completed making valid sets/sequences.
  • ‘Rake’ is the amount of the service fee you pay to the host from your winning amount.
  • A person who has completed their discards and does not need to discard anymore is called a ‘floating’ player.
  • Observe your opponents. Understand what cards they are going after and don’t discard those cards if you get one of them.
  • A random wrong declaration will make you lose maximum up to 80 points. The sequence of high scoring cards will let you go home with all the money/points – higher the value of your cards in your sequence/set, higher the number of points you have. For the right declaration, one should have one pure sequence with atleast two sequences in total to show.


An online rummy player should know about the game before going into the game arena head-on. Learn the strategies and create one for yourself! Use your rummy skills safely and secure your jackpot with all the information and tips provided.

The online rummy game comes with tight rules and regulations. Learn the basics of the game before beginning and play fair. Don’t worry about anything except improving your gameplay. Keep enhancing your skills and go home with some good money after hitting your strike!

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