Monday 1 June 2020
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Free bet; a solution to fill your empty wallet

Free bets generally sound good to the ears but, these bonus bets comes a ton of restrictions on the part of the customer. However, you cannot ignore the fact that bonus bets are risk-free. You do not have fret over the possibility of losing the bet. If you win the bet you earn money but, if you end up on the losing side, there is no financial loss done to you. You can use the amount of free bet in parts or full depending upon your preference. Some bookmakers offer you the opportunity to free bets in the market you desire. However, there are some who put restrictions on your choice of market. They specify the market and the events where you can place free bets.

Steps to open a betting account

  • Identify bookmakers: To begin the process of opening a betting account, you should first identify one or more trusted bookmakers. Check the reviews of the online bookmakers before opening the account.
  • Navigate to site: Once you have successfully identified a reputable bookmaker, you are ready to open the betting account. Navigate to the site of the bookmaker you have chosen. On the home page, you will see a link to open an account.
  • Fill the form: Upon clicking on the link to open a new account, you will come across a registration form which you are required to fill. The contents of the form include your name, mailing address, address, date-of-birth, etc.
  • Initial deposit: Once you have successfully filled the registration form, you are needed to make an initial deposit in your account. You can place a bet only after depositing the initial deposit funds.

Payment methods for betting

  • Credit or debit cards: Online bookmakers generally accept payment via recognized credit or debit cards. The cards may include master card, visa credit visa debit, etc.
  • eWallets: These are online deposit accounts which can be used by you to store and transfer funds. You can deposit and withdraw money from eWallets in many ways like card payments and bank transfers.
  • Bank transfer: You can move your money in and out of your betting account through a traditional method like bank transfers. Your bank will charge you a fee for the transfer of money.


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