Friday 22 January 2021
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Gambling and the Bonuses: How Both of Them get Along?

Gambling and the Bonuses: How Both of Them get Along?

Each site recommended on our guide enjoys an unfailing reputation. All games are audited and verified there. You can sign up directly and access the best on the web. The casino sites featured on our site each offer advantages. In addition, they are all suitable for computers and mobiles.

Slot machines

The advantage of online casinos is above all the welcome bonuses offered. They have the effect of increasing the chances of winning and also allow you to quickly familiarize yourself with these games which are the most popular on the platforms of online casinos. To win big, and why not win a jackpot, progressive slot machines are the most interesting. With this type of game, the most impressive jackpots exceed one million dollars. This is the case for example with the Mega Moolah. This flagship game is offered at Spin Casino, which is in the top three of our top 10 best online casinos.

The repayment rate

This index, which is given for information on virtual casinos, is higher than that of land-based casinos. On average, it exceeds 95% on the majority of online slots at our partner casinos. The payout rate indicates the ratio of the chances of winning. The closer this rate is to 100, the higher the chances of winning. If this rate were 100%, the balance of the odds of winning would be the same between the casino and the players. With roulette online no deposit bonus  you can have the best chances at present.

Video poker

As with classic poker, the goal is to have the best possible hand. On the 5 cards that you have you can win on the paying combinations. The decisions made influence the outcome of the game. With experience the odds of winning increase. There are approximately 15 winning combinations in video poker, as well as multi-hand and double-ended options. In order to give yourself a maximum of chances of winning, it is advisable to study the game before betting. Each online casino has several variations of video poker. Here you can make your choice and study the combinations and options of video poker that you like the most. Chance has an impact that is reduced when you are familiar with the video poker machine where you are playing. Check out our tips section for playing and winning video poker.


The casinos in our guide each have the two most popular roulette variations: European and American. The European variant is recommended. She has a better chance of winning because she only has one zero, while the American has two. Playing on simple odds allows you to double your stake in the event of a victory. One technique to win almost every time is to double your bet in the event of a loss, until the winning move which allows you to recover the losses incurred and win an initial bet. This technique is the best known and bears the name of Alembert.


One of the most exciting casino games if you like cards. The ultimate goal is to beat the bank by having a better game possible. The bank titles one card, and gives you two. You can decide to draw additional cards to have the best possible game: 21. Be careful not to exceed 21, otherwise you lose your bet. You play before the banker, which is to his advantage. On the other hand the banker can also have a bad play or then exceed 21, which in this case makes you win. 


Blackjack pays 1 to 1, unless you do blackjack (with an Ace and a 10, R, D or V), in which case the bank pays you 3 to 2. For the counting of points, the face cards (king, queen and jack) are worth 10 and the Ace is worth 11 or 1 depending on your advantage. You can also split your game into 2 (the split) when you have two identical cards, which is worth it with for example two 8s or two Aces, on the other hand with two 10s it is preferable not to split your game, in general with a count of 20 the banker is beaten.



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