Wednesday 23 June 2021
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General Blackjack Card Counting Tips

Blackjack is a game of masters. It might seem simple, easy-going, and easy to win but it can take a person years to completely master it. However, there are certain tricks a person can opt to gain an edge towards himself. It enables the player to be able to regulate the cost of stakes and have better insight so that he can win better prizes.

 This whole procedure of counting cards can be completed in four steps:

●     Assigning a number to each card. Following the most commonly known card counting system, the card values are given as :

2-6 = +1

7-9 = 0

10-Ace= -1

Using these values you need to find the total value of your cards once your cards are dealt with.

●     Manage to keep a count of card values for each player. The Player has to keep doing the card value count for each time the cards are dealt. If you have a high running card counting, it means that you are at an advantage at this moment. But if your count is less, it signifies that you are at a disadvantage.

●     Calculation of true count. The true count iis said to be the ratio of running card counting to the decks remaining. With the addition of each deck in a game, it moves the edge towards a player by a half percent.

●     Changing your bets. A player should be aware of his true count and should bet money based on his true count. If his true count is less, he is at a disadvantage and should not bet much money. But if he is at an advantage, he can bet high and can earn more profit.

Other tips that can be helpful for Blackjack Players

●     Always play the game that pays full 3:2. It is far better than any single deck blackjack game and can be more profitable for you.

●     Try to stick to a game that has low numbers of decks but only if the conditions regarding it are in your favor.

●     If playing a 6 or 8 deck game, try to play it safe in case you have to quit, you will not lose too much money.

●     Do not take insurance in blackjack. It will only put you at a disadvantage in the long run.

●     Never stand on a soft 17. If so happens, quit the game at that very instant.

Advantages of doing a Card Count

●     Knowing your card count gives you an advantage over the house or the dealer who plays on the behalf of the house.

●     It can help in minimizing loss in an unfavorable condition.

●     It helps the player decide the type of bets he wants to makeover the type of cards he has in his hands.

●     Keeping a mind the true count of the cards. It helps him earn profit in the long run.

How to count cards can help keep a player ahead of others. This technique gives a player better insight into what is happening on the table. Using this, he can control the bets that he wants to make. If not favorable to him, he can also quit very easily with only a little loss.