Wednesday 25 May 2022
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Online Poker and the Impact of the Pandemic


The recent and ongoing pandemic has shaped and affected various aspects of people across various fields. Many industries big and small have been affected by the COVID19 pandemic. With restrictions made on travel, interaction, social interactions, and quarantining, it is interesting to note how that has affected the poker scene.

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Differences of Online and Live Poker

joker388 games and live poker games have many differences. Live poker games are played in poker rooms that are a part of casinos or other establishments. However, many live casinos are reluctant to promote poker as a game because of their low profit-generation margin. But online poker games are beneficial from this side. Due to the relatively cheaper operating cost online, online poker games are more beneficial and advantageous, despite their low-profit margin compared to other games.Online poker games can be said to have been responsible for the spike in popularity of poker games in popular culture.

Online Poker Operations

The majority of the revenues earned by online poker is done through 4 ways which are rake, sit-and-go tournaments, adjacent games such as roulettes, wheel, card games, and blackjack, and the last method is players deposits. Players’ deposits are a huge source of revenues for daftar joker388 gaming sites due to low to no interest rates that are payable on the player’s deposits. An entry fee is applied to sit-and-go tournaments. Being closely associated with other casino games, benefits online poker.Software such as Random Number Generator, blockchain algorithms, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and Decision Tree is used to create and conduct online poker. Also, several walls of impenetrable security that is offered by online security systems such as VPNs.

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Impact of the Pandemic

While the chaotic repercussions of the pandemic were felt by almost all the industries worldwide, there are interesting studies that have been done to check its impact on gambling habits and the gambling world in general. Though the chances of risk exploitation are present in both live and online poker, it can be argued it is even more so online, due to collusion. But sophisticated and advanced software and machine learning have helped mitigate these risks.  Most studies have found that while there was a discernible trend in decreasing gambling habits, certain sub-groups showed increased gambling operations. This trend was more in favor of online poker and casino games and the particular age range for this sub-group was found to be young to mid-30s males. The impact of the pandemic was diverse on different groups of people.


To conclude, the impact of COVID19 has been to generate interest in people to opt for online poker gambling and casino games in the past two years. Online poker is an interesting phenomenon that has developed along with online casinos in the last few decades. It is simply the game of poker that is played online on digital platforms. Online poker games can be said to have been responsible for the spike in popularity of poker games. However, the data collected so far in these studies is still insufficient to give a definitive answer.