Wednesday 15 July 2020
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The Greater Choices for the Perfect Cloud Platform Works Now

Novice users of cloud platforms are most at risk, due to the lack of information on these types of platforms and the difficulty of using new methods to organize users, data, in order to secure them, an Online database analysis shows. For the 토토 this is important now.

What do Apple, Amazon and Microsoft have in common?

The three technology giants, considered the top of the cloud service providers, suffered from the infiltration of hackers into their own networks, Online database specialists explain.

  • One such example is the Apple case. Following the “celebrate” incident, personal photos of celebrities using the iCloud platform were revealed, causing many unwanted titles in the media.
  • British technology provider Code Spaces went bankrupt last year, following the blackmail of hackers, who later erased important data from the Amazon Web Services cloud platform.
  • In 2013, an expired SSL certificate from Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform gave hackers the opportunity to infiltrate the Xbox Live platform and a host of other cloud platforms.

The security risks of cloud platforms are constantly increasing, with attacks increasing 45% globally in the last year, according to data from cloud security company Alert Logic. A study by Forrester Research shows that over the next five years, corporate spending to strengthen the protection of cloud platforms will be about $ 2 billion.

Here are tips to follow before moving on to using cloud platforms:

Users must become familiar with the areas within the cloud

In any implementation of the cloud platform there are three main segments – the platform provider, the network service provider and the company. Given that the cloud platform should be treated as an extension of the company’s data center, companies must ask themselves whether a common set of security services and policies can be applied across all three segments. Another question would be the security gaps.

When selecting the service company, user users should check how the provider protects against new vulnerabilities such as zero-day.

New applications, new ways of protection

Companies need to be prepared to answer the question if they are able to move their data and applications to a cloud platform. Before proceeding to this stage, it is necessary to consider adding new protection modalities and devices in addition to the existing security measures built around the authentication applications and processes.

In order to secure access in cloud applications, a granular data access scheme must be developed. This can be achieved by distributing access rights according to roles, position in the company and projects. This will bring yet another level of protection when hackers manage to steal employee login data.

The Last Words

Account hacking may sound commonplace, but this old method has been declared one of the top threats for users of cloud platforms, according to the Cloud Security Alliance. In order to improve the security of the authentication process, double-authentication systems can be implemented, checking the security level of the user’s equipment according to the established security policies and implementing valid passwords for single use. The Online database tip is also to change the user IDs with the initial authentication.

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