Monday 1 June 2020
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The Popularity of Pennsylvania Keno at Parx Casino

What do you get when you combine Pennsylvania’s most successful online casino with one of gambling’s most popular games? Pennsylvania keno at Parx Casino. This perennial favorite of casino players is legal to play for real money online when you create a Parx Casino account.

Online Pennsylvania Keno

If you have ever visited a live casino you have probably seen the keno pit. This area is where players gather to select numbers for drawings that are held every few minutes. Just like the lottery, matching a set of numbers wins real money. Match them all and you’ll hit the jackpot.

Online keno at Parx Casino is very similar. It can be played on a PC, phone, or tablet. The numbers are randomly generated, and a new game starts as soon as one is complete. Players pick up to 20 numbers and watch with anticipation to see if their numbers will be chosen.

The Rules of Playing Keno at Parx Casino

Few games in the online casino are easier to play than Pennsylvania keno. All that is required is a minimum bet and a set of numbers. It is even possible to have your numbers randomly chosen with a quick pick.

Once your numbers have been selected and the wager made, the keno numbers are drawn. These winning numbers appear on the screen. As the numbers are called, the matches on the player’s keno ticket are highlighted. At the end of the game the player is paid for any matches they have made.

Why is Keno so Popular Online with American Players?

The popularity of online Pennsylvania keno can be attributed to many factors. One of these is that keno is very simple to play. There is no skill required. All one must be able to do is select their lucky numbers. Unlike other games such as blackjack or baccarat, studying basic strategy charts is not required.

American players especially love online keno because it is convenient and accessible. Players no longer have to drive for hours to reach a live casino. All the gaming excitement that they could want is in the palm of their hand.

Which is the Best Keno Casino in the State of Pennsylvania?

Online keno and other gambling games are still relatively new in Pennsylvania. Since online gambling in the state became legal one online casino has distinguished itself. Parx Casino has a solid reputation in Pennsylvania, having operated a land-based casino and thoroughbred racing venue for many years.

Parx is now bringing its same standard of excellence to online gambling. With games like keno, blackjack, and hundreds of slots there is always something exciting happening at Parx Casino.

The Benefits of Playing at Parx Casino

Players benefit from much more than the Pennsylvania keno games and other online gambling games that are available. They can also take advantage of perks that are exclusive to Parx Casino.

Parx Casino offers bonuses to new players just for signing up and making a deposit. The casino also rewards existing players with loyalty perks such as free spins and free bonus money.

Multiple payment options are available for players wanting to make a wagering deposit. Any issues that arise may be resolved with the round the clock support that is available. It is even possible to chat with support specialists in real time.

Players can choose from several platforms when playing at Parx Casino. These include a PC platform that does not require a download. Those who like to play on the go will appreciate that Parx Casino has apps for Android and iOS devices.





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