Thursday 23 September 2021
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Things You Should Know About Online Casino Bonuses

Online casinos are a good way to spend free time. They are entertaining exciting for the players as they move between wins and losses through the entire time spent on the casino website. Every round of the game is enough to take you to the heights of expectation and then either you remain there or come crashing down to reality. In either case, the fun does not diminish. This is generally offset by the casinos by offering the players an incentive or a bonus as they register with them. The  bonus allows the players to initiate the game without any  risk.

Casinos offer these bonuses in a variety of formats. Many players actually base their choice of casino on the type of bonus offered. To be able to judge which bonus is worth it, you must first know what the different types of bonuses available are and what the pros and cons of each are. Armed with this information, you will be in a better position to take this important decision.

Types of Bonuses

  • Bonuses Subject to Deposit

When you deposit money in your casino account, the casino matches it with a certain percentage of the amount you add. The percentage could be 50%, 100% or even 200%. It will, of course, have an upper limit, and hence you should choose your deposit wisely to get the maximum benefit possible. If the percentage of the bonus being offered is high, then you can expect the upper limit to be lower.

  • No Deposit Bonuses

Some casinos offer a welcome bonus even if you do not make a deposit in your account. Though this does not seem logical, it works because the casinos have their terms and conditions on how these bonuses can be used. For most casinos that offer a ‘no deposit’ bonus, you can use the bonus on limited games. It could also have a minimum betting required before you could be allowed use  your winnings.

Giving such bonuses proves beneficial for the casinos as they can attract more customers. This way, the  customers register with them and if they are happy, stay on to play regularly . A handsome bonus can prove to be beneficial for both the concerned parties.

The ‘no deposit’ bonus can be given either as a deposit in the account of the player or free spins on popular slot games. In either case, you must familiarise yourself with the terms and conditions attached.

Terms and Conditions

You can expect any of the terms and conditions attached to your bonuses. Before selecting the casino based on the bonus deals, make sure that you read through them very carefully and understand what is it that the casino is expecting to get from it. Not doing so could lead to a lot of wastage.

  • Wagering Requirements

You must bet for a certain amount to start with . This is to ensure that you play and do not walk away with the free rewards .Whatever is the amount of the welcome bonus,  the casino will ensure that you bet for a certain minimum amount, before you can use  any amount that you may have won. This means that you could need to invest from your end if you lose all the bonus amount while playing the games. If you win, you could manage to play games worth more  with the bonus amount  itself.

  • Restriction on Games

You can use the bonus only for specific games. Slots games typically have smaller bets associated with them and very often, the casinos allow the bonus to be used only with those games. The free spin bonuses are also played on the slot machines with the minimum possible bet. Using the bonus to play other games could lead to forfeiting the balance bonus and any winnings claimed previously.

  • Withdrawal Limit

This is another condition you must understand well. If you have managed a decent win using the bonus, your withdrawals can be restricted by a stipulated limit. The casinos keep a limit on how much you can use over  and above the bonus. If you have won beyond a  limit, you could end up losing your winnings to the casino.

Encashing the Bonus

You must find out whether the bonus can be used,  before starting the game. Most cashable bonuses will have a wagering requirement attached, as explained above. These requirements may be high, but this kind of bonus is the best available in the online casinos.

Though getting a bonus always sounds exciting, you must know what you are letting yourself in to it. This clarity is important to avoid any regrets at a later stage.