Saturday 26 September 2020
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Truest Features You need for Football betting

Ice hockey will never be as big as football in the world. Because it requires far too much to play. You can play football as long as you only have something you can use as a ball. Ice hockey, on the other hand, requires ice, skates, clubs and so on. That makes ice hockey one of the most expensive sports in Sweden and the fact is that not even in Sweden is everyone able to afford the 먹튀제보 sport betting. 

However, this does not prevent ice hockey from being one of the most fun and worthwhile sports we have in Sweden. There is always high intensity and struggle about every inch. Ice hockey isn’t really that big in so many countries, but there are some. In Canada, ice hockey is by far the largest sport and it is considered almost as a religion. Among other things, all the best junior teams in Canada usually have tens of thousands of people at their matches. A sport like this is obviously made to bet on and there is an awful lot you can hope to get in.


There is, as I said, a lot you can bet on when it comes to hockey. Among other things, one can, of course, invest in a classic lunge. That is, you can combine several different hockey matches and guess if they will end with 1, X or 2. This is always counted after full time as many hockey matches end with penalties if they finish a draw. In addition, there is the bomb in which to guess the end result of two matches. Something that is not always so easy in hockey. So what are some more special games you can bet on during a football game? Here comes a selection of games you can bet on during a regular match in the elite series and how they work.

  • 1X2 handicap: In this game, one of the teams starts with one or more goals before the match starts. Now you have to bet on which team would win the match (or if it would be a draw) if one of the teams got an extra goal.
  • Double chance: Here you can bet on two characters. 1X, X2 or 12. Of course it gives worse odds but is at the same time significantly easier to win.
  • Under Over: This game is about betting on how many goals there will be in the match. It may be any number, but in ice hockey it is most common if you aim for over or under 5.5 goals. It is important to note that all such bets apply to full-time goals.
  • End result: Like most other sports, you can of course bet on the end result. It gives one of the highest odds but at the same time is very difficult to get into. However, if you get into it, it can be very lucrative

First team to score: Just as easy as it sounds

Last team to score: Again just as easy as it sounds, however, note that this also means the last goal during regular match time.

In addition to this, you can bet on who wins during each period and which period will generate in most goals. The number of betting opportunities is endless.

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