Wednesday 15 July 2020
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Try GETWIN 4D Casino to Get Best Bonus

4D is the abbreviated form of 4 digits which is a type of lottery played in Germany, Malaysia, and Singapore. You have to choose four digits from 0000 to 9999 randomly to have your number. After that twenty-three winning numbers are announced after handpicking it. If your luck favors your number matches one out of the twenty-three, you win prize money. Magnum 4D first got licenses to operate lotto in Malaysia as the game became popular and widespread many operators came in the market to capitalize the craze. Pick 4 in America, Pick 5 in Canada and jackpot in Germany are different variants of 4D lotto.

4D in Malaysia

Magnum 4D, sports toto, Derby blue and green, Da Ma Cai are authorized operators of 4d lotto.4D is played on a daily basis, and the results are out almost instantly. You pick up four digits and the amount of bet in GETWIN 4D. A bet can be of two types big and small. A small bet has higher payout as your number must come in first three places. The big bet has smaller payout as your number must come in 10 consolation numbers. In September 2009, a new variant of 4d lotto was introduced which was widely accepted and acclaimed by people and even became more popular than casino games. There are also 3d and 4d games, in 3dD you can win if your number resembles in first, second and third positions. In January 2014 a minimum payout of 1.8 million for 1st position was introduced.

Another variant is Power Toto 6/55, Mega Toto 6/52, and Supreme Toto 6/58. In Mega Toto 6/52 you need to pick six numbers 1 to 52. Derby 4D is played on a daily basis, and Derby 5D is played twice in a month. The prize structure consists of first, second, third positions, ten special numbers, and ten consolation numbers. Privacy protection is of paramount importance while you play in an online lottery and can bet as much you like in those online lotteries. It saves time and inconvenience as you visit nearby 4d lottery shop.

History of the game

During a trial for gambling in Singapore in 1956, the history of 4d game came into light which is believed to have started in Kedah in 1951. It all started when a teenager decided to lottery his bicycle for 100 1$ tickets, with two digits in each ticket. This concept gave rise to the 2D lottery which later transformed to 3D and 4D which became immensely popular in Singapore and Malaysia. The Singapore Turf club started first 4d lottery in May 1966, announcing 2,000$ first prize for 1$ ticket. Modern and computerized variant started from 31 May 1986.

Online Tickets

Previously lottery operators and participants operated on the local area only. Getting an online ticket for the lottery was also impossible if you resided outside Malaysia. The rule of the land was only citizen residing within the country could buy an online lottery ticket and thereby stand to win a jackpot. Now rules have changed, and with the advancement of technology and internet buying lottery tickets have become very easy and popular. 





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