Thursday 5 August 2021
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What are Martingale System? How to play Martingale Betting

What is Martingale betting?

Martingale System is a term in the 18th century casino industry in France that many people apply when playing cards at the field casinos or online casinos. The name of the method is based on an English casino owner Henry Martingale, who was too smart to promote steel Martingale betting at his casino and support the participating customers

The Martingale betting strategy is mainly applied by professional gamblers when playing long-term fish (all season) and often betting draw results for a certain team. The reason is that the odds of a draw are usually quite high and based on statistics at a betting site, k8pro, there are about 30% of matches ending with a draw. The teams that match this method are usually the team at the end of the season, the position on the rankings is likely to join the Europa League or Champions League. These are the teams that are not strong but are not under the bottom of the table.

Based on the mentality of the team making sure the tickets for the C2 tournament or the successful relegation are not important to the winning results, always throwing the reserve squad to the pillars to be strengthened, the draw is a result of their desires. .

Map of Martingale betting

If your bet is $ 10 in FB88 site, then your Martingale betting process is calculated as follows:

Looking at the image above you can easily imagine it, but you should do it and study it carefully. First you need to prepare important preparations to avoid unpaid money.

Martingale betting bets will require a large amount of financing, if you do not have one, I advise you not to do it well. Calculate the highest possible loss.

If you want to start with $ 20, the maximum capital you must have is $ 400 (VND 8 million).

Example: Selecting the first bet is: 20USD (five hundred thousand dong).

Bet 1: $ 20 bets

If this time wins, keep calm and continue betting for the next time as the initial amount of 20USD and keep on winning then every 20 USD should not be greedy and increase your bet.

In case you lose at 20USD, you should now raise the second bet to double.

Bet 2: Mark 40 USD (one million VND), that is, you double it: 20USD + 20USD = 40USD.

If this time the result is a win, then you bet again at the first level of $ 20.

If the 2nd bet is still lost, you raise the 3rd bet.

Match 3: Similar to the 2nd bet, you double your losing bet until you bet, the second time you bet 40USD, this time you will bet 60USD.

Similarly, if you win the bet this time, you bet back to level 1 of $ 20.

Unfortunately, the 3rd bet loses, you continue to raise the bet to the next level and the same.

I strongly recommend that you prepare an amount of money based on your ability to maintain the losing circuit. In addition, you should carefully check the stable internet connection to avoid interruption.

Psychology is still the factor that makes you lose control

Confident not shy of fear, unrestrained mental stability is also the secret to betting. Losing, keep calm and beat according to the method, win and keep hitting with the original price, absolutely not taking part.

Benefits of Martingale betting bets

I assure you that the Martingale betting bet is the most sure bet type, imagine who is so unlucky that the match bet lost that match? 5 to 6 consecutive matches are frustrating and there is nothing to do but return, in rare cases.

Should set a daily winning goal, for example if you want to win 1 day 1 million then win 2 games so stay, play tomorrow. Losing 3 games in a row should be a good tomorrow to take revenge later, Betting is a long-term bet that should not take immediate advantage.

Should we play Martingale betting with the dealer?

Actually, Martingale betting is the right of the dealer who has no right to stop. However, please note that if you participate in the promotion, it will be easy to detect and confiscate your winnings. Therefore, we recommend that you do not participate in any promotions that the house entices.

Martingale betting not only brings real profits from winning tables but also returns your profits from refunds. Although it is only 0.% but if you play big money or play for a long time, this is not a small amount

In addition to sports products, you can apply Martingale betting tactics at casino or virtual sports products.

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