Saturday 17 April 2021
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In order to start betting, you must first choose your bookmaker, to whose account you send the initial capital. The selection of bookmakers (bookmakers) is varied, but not everyone offers valuable odds. If you do not use the best odds, you are wasting up to 60% of your profit unnecessarily.

Basic betting rules

  • Create your own money management and follow it (i.e. always bet only a small part of money)
  • Don’t put many matches on the ticket (ideally 1 match, maximum 3)
  • Write your mistakes in a diary, for example, and learn from them
  • Keep emotions under control – if you don’t believe the tip, don’t bet it
  • If it doesn’t work (a series of losses), take a few days break
  • Don’t choose bets according to your team’s sympathies (cheering must go away)
  • Do not bet under the influence of alcohol and drugs

Place bet deposits according to the trust and the value of the odds

Register your bets (e.g. using Excel or simply on this website create an account, add and evaluate your bets, you will get clear statistics for free)

The ideal choice is to register with all ipavement bookmakers listed here, collect entry bonuses and thus have the opportunity to bet where it offers the best odds. But as a beginning bettor, you usually don’t have that much money, so you have to make do with a single bet. With increasing capital, it can then add more.

If you do not know which betting office to choose, then you can look at a complete list of offices selected according to the popularity of bettors. Most offices allow you to deposit money via bank transfer, credit card or online wallet. For local SKs, you have the option of depositing at the branch (from 1 January 2017, however, you must provide the account number for withdrawals). Bookmakers require verification of identity and age (18+, sending a photocopy of the OP document or driver’s license) before the first withdrawal of money won. Therefore, it is important to provide only true information when registering.

How to deposit money to a betting account

Money is most often (and the fastest) deposited into the betting account of bookmakers via a payment card (Mastercard, VISA) or an online wallet. There are many possibilities, there are all commonly used methods to choose from.

How to make the first bet

Usually you will immediately know if the bet has been accepted (in case of a large amount it may take longer, judged by the bookmaker). After the match, it takes a few seconds or minutes for the winnings to be credited to your account. Please note that the bookmaker may reject your bet (if it finds the deposit amount too high = deposit limits) or in case of doubts about the result it may cancel (cancel) the bet.

How to withdraw money won from a bookmaker

Payouts work the same as deposits. However, you can usually use only the one you deposited as a payment method (e.g. bank transfer, online wallet, credit card). If you have used the entry bonus, it is necessary to meet the conditions for fulfilling bonuses. Good luck with odds betting. Beware, betting can cause addiction and is only for people over 18! After the first withdrawal, you will finally be able to say that you already know how to bet.

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