Saturday 8 August 2020
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The Right Approach in the Continuation bets

The Continuation Bet, also known as c bet, is the most common move among poker players. But to do this right is extremely difficult. When playing the idn poker game, a Continuation Bet always occurs. Without using this move the game becomes very difficult to play. You are missing a lot of chips that you could have picked up by making a Continuation Bet.

A Continuation Bet is actually what the word says; continuing your previously made Bet. For example, you raise with AK before the flop, but you don’t hit anything on the Flop. Making a Continuation Bet increases the chances of you taking the pot anyway. This bet also keeps your range most intact, which means that you can still represent strong hands on turn and river. When making this bet it is important that you check against what range I bet now. Do I have the range advantage, utility advantage or does my opponent have this. This can increase or decrease the chance of folding.

Placing a continuation bet

A continuation bet can be done on any sizing, because different flops must be bet differently. If first position opens and the big blind defends his hand and flop comes Ahks2c then the first position opener has a clear advantage. The big blind does not have strong hands on this flop, so we want to bet Big with our bluffs and strong hands to put maximum pressure on the opponent.

It is recommended that you look closely at which position you are playing at the table. The later you can make a decision, the better you can estimate what your opponents have for cards. Also, making a Continuation Bet is easier against one player than several. If you play against multiple players, it is more likely that one of them will make a pair or more. Your chance of winning percentage then naturally goes down. You should also keep in mind that if you use a Continuation Bet too much, your credibility will decrease.

When should you place a continuation bet?

Making a Continuation Bet is normal in a Texas Hold’em game. So it is in your own interest to delve into this. Without making a Continuation Bet you will miss a lot of pots.

There are no specific rules about making a Continuation Bet, but there are several guidelines that you can follow. The best way to master a Continuation Bet is to study ranges and situations. When you know exactly what kind of flops you have the advantage of then you have good insight into making this bet. Generally, people choose the small sizing when betting on the flop. But then you don’t notice what kind of flops we hit our range or hit our range at all, so we can choose sizings or a check for others.

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