Saturday 8 August 2020
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What is Combination Bet?

Bet on the matches you want with a multitude of possible combinations. Our explanation of bets help you expand to become the best punter, and also with Free Daily Spins.

To familiarize yourself with the term, the combination bet can also be found as a cumulative bet or parlay.

Combined Bet What Is It?

As a general rule, bets can be divided into two types. The single or simple bet, which is one that only includes one selection, and the accumulated bet, that includes two or more selections.

The combined bet includes a minimum of two selections and a maximum of up to 20 selections, forming a single bet and with the sole condition of matching all the selections you make to get a profit.

If all the selections are correct, all the odds are multiplied, so the prize is greater than in a simple bet. Of course, the more selections you include, the less chances you will have of winning the parlay bet.

Let’s see it with a simple and clear example:

 We make a combined bet of $10 and 5 selections with odds of 1.40, 1.30, 1.40, 1.12 and 1.50. The total share of the combined is the result of multiplying 1.40 x 1.30 x 1.40 x 1.12 x 1.50 = 4.28. In the event that we had matched all the selections, the benefit would be $10 x 4.28 = $ 42.80

Combined Bet Of 2 Markets Or Double

As its name indicates, it is a combined bet of only two selections whose result to obtain a prize must be the two successful selections, thus multiplying the respective odds.

As we can see in the example, we have bet $2.20 on two matches of Euro 2020, so by default the bet type is double and the potential winnings are $10.42.

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