Wednesday 10 August 2022
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Guide To The Q poker Game Fundamentals

Q Poker is quite similar to three-card poker. In addition, in Q Poker, the player can play on four boxes at the same time and view all of his cards as soon as they are dealt. The Guide section explains the fundamental rules of Judi online poker Q.

Q Poker Fundamentals

  • In Q Poker, the player picks which boxes he wants to play on and makes his ANTE before the cards are dealt. In addition to (or instead of) this basic wager on the box, the player can place a Pair Plus stake. The player is betting on obtaining a pair or higher in his initial hand with this wager.
  • A symbol on the table specifies the permissible range of bets (minimum and maximum). The size of a Pair Plus bet is unrelated to the size of the ANTE, although both must be within the table’s range.
  • Each box contains two figures: a square and an ellipse. The ANTE bet is made on the ellipse, whereas the Pair Plus bet is made on the square.
  • To place a bet, you must first select a chip with the required face value. This chip is picked by default at the start of the game, and the chip with the lowest face-value sticks itself to the cursor. If the player desires a different face-value chip, he can pick it by clicking on it with the mouse. The player may also adjust the value of the chip by using his mouse’s scroll wheel.
  • After selecting a chip, the player can put a wager by clicking the mouse on the chosen area of the gaming table, and his bet will be shown there. Each consecutive click increases the stake by one chip of the specified face value.
  • If the player wishes to remove the last chip from his wager, he can do so by clicking the mouse on any vacant area of the game window and then clicking on this bet.